How To Stage Your Home On A Budget

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Staging a home can be beneficial for home sellers, no doubt. When you stage your home before selling it, it creates the best first impression, thus getting buyers’ attention. However, when it comes to staging, many believe that it costs a ton of money. While staging can be a costly affair, it doesn’t have to be! If you’re selling a home and have decided that you’re going to stage it but don’t have a ton of money laying around, don’t worry, staging can be done on a budget. Want to stage your home on a budget of $2,000 to $5,000? Keep reading to learn a few tips and tricks from Paul Andersen Homes to ensure you get a bang for your buck.

Declutter and create negative space
Step one of staging a home is to declutter and organize every nook and cranny of your house. That means rooms, closets, pantries, and cabinets. Serious potential buyers will open cabinets and closets to assess a home’s space and storage situation. Prepare for the tour by eliminating all clutter from surfaces around the house. The more items stuffed inside a room, the smaller the space will appear. To create negative space (that is, breathing space or a lack of clutter), store your items in the garage or with your family members.

Use existing items, furniture, and artwork
You don’t have to pay a lot of money to switch out your existing furniture, make do with what you have. Just ensure the furniture looks nice, tidy, and inviting. You can use throw pillows to add contrast and a pop of color. Of course, if you’re already facing the expenses of selling a home, you’re probably not eager to drop a bunch of dollars on artwork to stage a house you’re selling. You can make your own art on a budget—if you’ve got a good eye and a dash of artistic talent. Found object art is simply displaying a natural or man-made object in a way that focuses attention on its beauty or design. Maybe you can frame a series of fall leaves you found in your front yard. Or hang vintage kitchen utensils in shadow boxes in the kitchen.

Bring in natural elements (green plants, river rocks, and flowers)
A few potted plants can do wonders to make your home feel fresh and inviting. If you have many plants, space them out strategically, so they don’t overwhelm any area (unless you have a greenhouse). But do make sure your lawn, hedges, trees, and other plants are neatly pruned, and be sure to get rid of any weeds.

Turn down the colors
Potential buyers will feel uncomfortable looking at a house with custom paint colors. You may love your bright yellow bathroom, but people’s tastes in colors are very specific and highly personal. You might think white walls are ideal because they create a blank slate that allows buyers to envision their own décor and gives them an easy starting point. However, it’s actually better to paint your home with warm, neutral colors.

Turn on the lights
Take advantage of your home’s natural light. Open all curtains and blinds when showing your home. Add fixtures where necessary, and turn on all the lights for showings. This makes your home appear brighter and more inviting, and it saves buyers from having to hunt for light switches. If you think your existing fixtures are fine, be sure to dust them and clean off any grime. Otherwise, outdated and broken light fixtures are easy and cheap to replace.

Keep it tidy inside and out
A clean home shows potential buyers that you’ve taken good care of the property. Ideally, you should clean every part of the house, from the ceilings to the floors, and everything in between.

The exterior and the entryway are also important points of focus because they can heavily impact a buyer’s first impression. They may even determine someone’s interest in viewing the inside of the house. Make sure the sidewalk leading up to the house is clear and clean, and buy new doormats for the front and back doors. If you have a pool, showcase it by making sure it’s crystal clear.

Ask for help from family and friends first
Second opinions are crucial when it comes to home staging! Once your home is on the market, it becomes a product. You’ll need to lose any emotional attachment you have about the home and consider it a commodity to be sold. Because you have had many cherished memories in this home, it might be hard for you to lose your emotional connection to it. This is where your family and friends come in. Ask them their honest opinion and tell them to provide constructive criticism to help you create a home that appeals to the masses.

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